The Power of the Land

Where it all Begins


With more than a hundred years of history, Montesquius has been able to retain the essence of the terroir in every one of our wines. A terroir from which we have zealously extracted the best smells and flavours to get them to your homes.

Cavas pampered by the land and the people that give Montesquius flavours ranging from slightly fruity young and fresh flavours to intense flavours achieved with the long sleep of our Gran Reserva products. Lush land, living land, our land, which has turned the region, each of its vineyards and its people into what Montesquius is today, an origin marking that proudly extols around the world the flavours that can only be achieved with the terroir of the Penedès region.

Ancestral Winemaking

Respect for Nature


Montesquius selects the best grapes in order to achieve honest wines and cavas made with respect, effort and commitment to nature.

The main aim is to use production techniques that are appropriate and environmentally friendly, with priority for all those that are environmentally sustainable. It is an absolute priority for us to ensure that all processes leave the minimum possible trace or footprint on the ecosystem while at the same time achieving products of excellent quality. 

Respect for Ancestral Traditions

The Veneration of a Winemaking Society with History


The tradition of Montesquius’ essence has an impact on the result of our products. As cava and wine producers, its essence has rooted in it concepts that envelop us in intense emotions that are faithfully relived on a daily basis. It is the clear experience of the Penedès region, nourished by its people and their ways and forms. Without further ado, they raise the print of their existence to a universal level, without any doubts other than the uncritical contemplation of each moment experienced. Bottled history-laden realities that represent the implied paradigm of a winemaking society. When separating the grapes, you can hear the ancestral sounds of the farming of a generous nature that is capable of providing the basis for Montesquius’ wines and cavas in a unique way. Pieces of land grooved by centuries of experience, the veneration of each of the cycles that have given life to the region and to Montesquius.

Looking back, you can leave behind the noise of the present to return to the sounds of yesterday and listen attentively to the voices of the land that provides for us.




Montesquius was born from the ability, sensitivity, personality and respect of a region and its people.

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